Jun 24, 2013

Kingston: 9 Months

Our little boy turned 9 months a few days ago! Eeek 9 months. (Insert astonishment that he could possibly be this age already here.) I mean seriously. We are 3 months away from him turning 1 year old. Be still my heart. I truly don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is hard to imagine that this many months has passed when I still look at him like it is the first time. I don't know if I will ever be able to believe that I am lucky enough to be this kids mother. He is completely awesome in every way! This month was definitely our scariest, but so much good has happened this month too.

I could eat this baby right up!

9 Month Stats:
Weight: Between 19.8 lb - 20 (from our multiple hospital and doctors visits)
Height: unsure
Clothing Size - some 9 month, 9-12, and tons of 12 month! He is growing like a weed! We are loving shorts and tshirt sets. They look adorable on him!
Favorite Song: You'll Always Be My Baby - Sara Evans
Favorite Book: My First Farm Tabbed Board Book
Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Toy: Playskool Cushy Cruisers - Handy The Tow Truck and his ball pit! 
Favorite Activities: swimming, eating, kissing, dancing, painting, climbing, crawling, getting into mischief, playing with his puppy brother 
Favorite Food: WATERMELON! He loves all food especially applesauce, bananas, carrots, squash, green beans, puffs, and yogurt. His new favorite food though is watermelon. He loves to eat it right off the rind! 

(This is the farm book! Don't mind the mess in the background of ALL my pictures .. he loves ripping apart whatever I clean up. Didn't you know that is a super fun game when you're 9 months old?!)

We had a lot of life events happen this month. Kingston had his first swim in the pool. He loved it! He is a true water baby. He would play in the water all day if we let him. He celebrated his first Father's Day with Dada and Grumpy! He was a guest at his very first birthday party. But, the scariest and most not fun life event that occurred this month was Kingston's very first illness and hospitalization. We are hoping and praying that it is also the last. I could write an entire post about our experience, but I really don't want to relive it. So, I'm going to keep it short. The night after Kingston's first swim, we put him to bed only to hear him screaming several hours later. When we went into his room, we couldn't wake him up. He was screaming bloody murder, wouldn't wake up, and didn't seem to know who we were. Then he started vomiting. It was horrifying. We brought him the the local emergency room where they tortured him running a million tests and scans. In this time period, he couldn't stop throwing up and dry heaving, refused to nurse, and couldn't come too. They put him on iv fluids. When they couldn't seem to figure out what was going on he was transferred. At the next hospital, they ran even more tests before determining that he had intussusception. He was then transferred to Boston Children's Hospital where they did an air enema procedure to correct it. It was the most horrifying procedure I have seen. The image of my sweet boy petrified and in so much pain will be seared into my brain forever. After three hospitals, two ambulance rides, and what seemed like endless tests and procedures (all which scared my poor baby immensely) they discharged us. When we got home, we seemed to have a day where we were in the clear, and then Kingston woke up with a raging fever. A trip to the pediatrician told us that it was the virus that caused the intussusception. He raged the fever for the next three days before breaking out in a rash all over his face and trunk. Roseola. I wouldn't wish Roseola on anyone. My once usually happy, giggly baby turned into a screaming, clingy, sad little nugget. It was so sad to see. We literally spent an entire week attached to each other nursing, snuggling, and sleeping. The entire week I was petrified that the intussusception would come back and that he would have to get surgery, but every day that passed was one more day under our belts. After two weeks (from hospitalization to the end of the roseola), he was back to his bubbly self. I can't even describe my relief to see him healthy and happy again!

With that behind us, the rest of the 9th month of Kingston's life went very well! Physically, his skills are rapidly developing. He is climbing, pulling up, and crawling more than ever. Crawling is old hat now to him. His new fete is trying to stand up. He wants to pull up on everything and he is getting good at sitting back down when he is done standing. This month he has been doing a crab crawl where he is basically walking, but with his hands down. He does this when he is trying to stand up. He will rock back and forth until it looks like he is going to let go of the floor and stand up, but doesn't do it just yet. He does pull up on stuff and hang on with one hand though! The little daredevil! One of his new tricks is climbing up onto the fireplace and giving Dada and I a heart attack. 

After he got over being sick, it was like I had a new kid as far as playing goes. Last month, whenever I left the room he would pitch a fit. Now, for the most part, he is becoming an amazing independent player! He will crawl wherever he wants and play with whatever he wants. He will crawl into his bedroom, grab a book, and bring it to a spot to read. He moves his trucks back and forth saying "Va, va, va" (which is his way of replicating our vroom vroom sounds!). He also makes up his own games. He will throw the Boppy around the house and dive bomb it, laughing hysterically. He is attempting to climb in and out of his new ball pit on his own. Though he hasn't mastered it quite yet, he plays fantastically in there and has so much coordination. He loves knocking down towers, calling people on the "phone", and playing with his "puter" (which is what we call his toy laptop). He is also obsessed with playing with the puppy. He wants to constantly pat him, throw his toy, and chase him around the house!

His communication skills are unbelievable. He has always been very socially advanced. He has been saying Mama since 2 months, Mama and Dada in context by the time he was 5 months, and waving at 5 months also. Now, I am astonished at the commands and phrases he understands. He can follow directions now! It is unreal how smart this kid is. Some phrases that he knows and will follow the command are, "Bring me a book", "Pat the puppy", "Go to the ball pit", "Where is your puter?", "Go get your truck". From working in childcare, I know that this is pretty advanced! I'm a proud mama. Not only can he follow commands, but he knows tons of words. I can have him "Go get me" a bunch of different things, "buggies", "ball", "Mickey", "book". He is getting REALLY good. Whenever I say a certain word, he will turn towards it or crawl to it. He also recognizes certain songs. If I sing a Mickey song, he will turn towards the TV. He started saying "Auntie" this month in context. He also will say "nanight" sometimes when I say it. He has really started to learn what uses certain objects have. If I hand him the phone, he will put it to his ear (or in his mouth) and say "Dada". If we are not paying attention to him, he screams our names. It is pretty hilarious. If Todd is doing something and Kingston wants him, he will shriek, "DAAAADDDAAAA!" Todd will look at him, and Kingston will wave. It's adorable! 

He now sits in the cart when we go to stores. He loves this so much because he loves people. He will wave and flirt with everyone in sight. We haven't had a grumpy moment yet. He is in heaven sitting in that cart, and it is so much easier for me to shop at the store now! He loves people, especially other kids and babies. He is fascinated by them. He is a really big flirt with strangers, especially waitresses. I've had a minor heart attack when he has kissed their hands. I had to tell him that we "Don't kiss strangers!" haha He loves going out and about. His favorite game to play is "throw the toys out of the high chair", a brilliant game to play in the middle of a crowded restaurant! 

Minus the time when he was sick, Kingston has been eating and nursing great! He loves food and has tried tons of different things this month. He still only eats lunch and dinner, but the past week or so we have been incorporating a morning snack. Nursing is going great. He still nurses like a champ usually about 6-8 times a day. Sometimes even more! Sleeping is still not the best. He generally wakes anywhere from 1-3 times a night, but it is usually more like 3. I'm definitely not thrilled with that. I would like him to be sleeping through the night at this point, but it is what it is. He goes to bed every night between 7:15-7:30. This month we lowered the crib to the very lowest setting. At first it was almost impossible for me to get him in, but I have adapted pretty quickly. 

One of Kingston's new favorite things is dancing. He is very musical and rhythmic. He loves playing his instruments, and as soon as any song comes on he starts dancing! I sing a song from Choo Choo Soul which is a little short on the Disney channel and as soon as I sing it, he starts intensely dancing. He knows how to say "toot toot" now because of that song! He will dance to anything though: me singing, the tv, a toy. It is precious. The kid has moves for sure! 

Another new thing he loves to do is open and close the doors. He pushes the interior doors right open, and will sit there pushing it back and forth between his little hands. He is fascinated by it. He loves to shut the door on Mama when I'm trying to get in the room. Oh, and I might not have mentioned it, but this kid is like the hulk. His strength is insane for a 9 month old! 

He is a super affectionate baby. He knows what "kiss kiss" means, and will crawl up my lap and give me a big, open-mouth kiss! It is the best. He will "kiss kiss" the dog and family members. He doesn't "kiss kiss" Dada though. Poor Dada! He loves hugs and cuddles. He will now bury his head in my neck for a good snuggle. I absolutely love it. He also loves to be tickled. Kingston is super ticklish, just like his Mama! He has the most delicious little giggle. I want to bottle it up and keep it forever. I will do anything for that laugh! 

Our little love muffin is growing by leaps and bounds. Every month he is accomplishing more and more. I wish that we could slow down time a little, but since we can't, I am trying to enjoy every moment, every kiss, and every smile. He is the most precious blessing! 


  1. I love this post! It is very brave of you to share the hard times when he was sick. I'm so relieved he is back to his old self- and even better! What an adorable little guy you have! Also, my little guy loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too...if they call for tootles, look out, he whips himself around and has to get to see the TV. Happy 9 months Kingston from your birthday buddy!

    1. Thanks Laura! Kingston's favorite part is "Oh Tootles!" too!! How funny! Happy 9 months to your sweet boy as well! :)

  2. Oh poor boy! Must have been so scary for you. So glad he's now well.

    Alice xx

    1. Thanks Alice! It definitely was the scariest thing we have ever experienced. Definitely the most difficult part of parenting for sure. :)