Mar 23, 2015

Easter Basket Ideas from I See Me

(Disclosure: We were sent a complimentary personalized products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!) 

It's almost time for Easter, and what better way to fill your child's Easter basket than with some amazing personalized books and products from I See Me!. We love I See Me! In fact, this our third review that we have done for them! You can find our other reviews here: Hello World! and Speedster review and our original review of The Super Incredible Big Brother and other products. Adding an I See Me book or product to your child's Easter basket would make it EXTRA special. I know that I can't wait for my kids to see all of their personalized products in their basket on the morning of! 

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Mar 21, 2015

Easter Egg Activities for Kids

Spring may not be in the air around here (we are still buried under snow!), but Easter is right around the corner whether the sun is shining or you can't even see the grass! I love Easter. The Easter baskets (my favorite), the bunnies, and of course Easter eggs all get me excited! This past Share It Saturday, there were quite a few awesome Easter egg activities and crafts linked up. This week we are featuring some of our favorite Easter egg posts!

Shaving Cream Painting Marbled Easter Eggs from Still Playing School 

Easter Activity: Potato Stamps from The Practical Mom 

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs from Study At Home Mama

Paint Chip Easter Eggs from Sunny Day Family 

Tape Resist Easter Eggs from House of Burke

Easter Egg Hand Prints from Fun-A-Day

Wobbly Easter Eggs from And Next Comes L 

Easter Egg Sensory Bottles from House of Burke

For the entire month of March. we will be guest co-hosting for Share It Saturday! Make sure you link up your fantastic kid-friendly posts below for a chance to be shared by us next week. Check out what my Share It Saturday co-hosts are up to this week!

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Mar 20, 2015

Pre-Writing and Painting with Carrots

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Happy Fine Motor Fridays! If you are a long time reader of our little blog, you might have caught on that we have a thing about carrots. The funny thing is, I don't even like carrots. Well, not really. It's probably one of the main reasons why we are always using them for crafts and projects: I typically buy a bag and let it rot in the back of the refrigerator! 

Back when our blog was just a baby, little baby Kingston did a Painting with Carrots project. With Kingston working on pre-writing skills, and Bentley at the same age as K was back then, I wanted to revisit that activity and tweak it a bit to fit both boys!
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Mar 19, 2015

Palm Print Truffula Trees

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We LOVE The Lorax by the infamous Dr. Seuss! It is the perfect book for teaching environmental awareness. The Lorax is all about saving the Earth, protecting the trees, and giving an important message about the effects that our actions have on the environment around us. The best part is that this book does so in a way that really appeals to little ones! We are huge fans of both the book and the movie, both of which center around the beautiful, colorful truffula trees. These adorable palm print truffula trees are a great easy keepsake craft to make with your kids after reading the book. 
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Mar 18, 2015

The Cat In The Hat Footprint Craft

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March is the birth month of Dr. Seuss! As one of the children's book GREATS, he deserves a lot of celebration. This fun Cat in the Hat Footprint Craft is a simple way to make keepsake memories in honor of this great American writer! 

To make these footprints, you will need a piece of white cardstock , red washable fingerpaint , and black washable fingerpaint. Using a paintbrush, paint red stripes spaced out along your child's foot. Then paint their toes black. Print their feet on the paper and let dry. 

After our footprints dried, we printed out little Cat in the Hat faces and glued them on the bottom! This is optional of course. The hats look pretty cute on their own. Don't forget to read The Cat in the Hat to your little one before and after you make this print craft! 
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Mar 16, 2015

Dot Marker Clovers

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Do you own Do A Dot Art Markers yet? These are our favorite easy painting supply! K loves breaking these out to make vibrant dot pictures or do some themed do a dot printables. They encourage the use of fine motor skills and double as a great pre-writing activity! We used our dot markers to make some simple St. Patrick's Day inspired clovers.
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Mar 15, 2015

Rainbow Handprint Craft

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Simple print crafts are a favorite over here! In the past, we have made some slightly more complicated rainbow print crafts, but after our Painting Rainbows with Combs activity we did recently, we had leftover paint to use! So, this easy print craft was born! 

To make this simple print, squeeze washable fingerpaint in lines of rainbow order on a piece of paper or paper plate. For smaller hands, you are going to want to make the lines much closer together. Because we were using leftover paint from our project (the best kind because we hate wasting!), I printed my hand first. Then I printed all subsequent little hands afterwards. Seriously, try printing an infants hand with six colors of fingerpaint... it's quite the fete!

It's okay if the line aren't even, in fact it looks better that way. As long as you can see the idea of a rainbow, you are golden! 

Interested in seeing more of our Print Crafts? You can view all of them right HERE!

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